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Who doesn't need food??

Updated: Mar 8, 2018

When my kids were younger, I found myself running around all day, picking at their food. I never ate a full meal. One of the many challenges of being a busy woman – especially as a Mom, is finding the time for the major things we need like food, or even going to the bathroom alone – which is a whole other issue! Preparing good, healthy meals has always been a challenge for me. Over the years I have discovered some tried and tested recipes, which are perfect for a busy family. Meal prep has allowed me to sacrifice a small amount of time on the weekend, in exchange for the benefit of having increased time and decreased stress on the weekdays. And who wouldn’t like a little less stress on the weekdays? I want you to have more time during the day to do what is most important to you – not waste it in the kitchen.

Stephanie J

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