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Online Grocery Shopping, My experience

Changing gears a little this week. This month, Chef Ashley Shep, At, was Live on Instagram, The Sweet talk cafe. She shared with us information about Online Grocery Shopping.

I tried online grocery shopping years ago, when it was first released to the public about 2-4 years ago. Our local Kroger started it. It was super convenient, one thing I didn’t like, was the produce. I like to pick my own produce. Chef Ashley made a really good point, since I do LOVE to shop at Trader Joes and they don’t have online shopping,

I could Online shop for my staples and non perishables.

What a great idea, right? Here are 5 tips I have learned in my short amount time about online Grocery shopping

1. Plan your meals ahead of time. I have a great tool right here on the website. Jump over to the favorite links page and download the Meal Planning Workbook. It’s meal go to for list planning.

2. Write out your list. Before you even jump into the website plan out your list. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be distracted by the recommendations they throw up on the screen. Have all the items from your meal prep on the list.

3. Check your staples. The one thing I forgot to do the first time I did online shopping was check my staples. Be sure to check, toiletries, paper products etc…

4. Allow yourself undisturbed time for your online shopping, and stick to your list. If you’re on a budget, like I am, this is a great way to establish and keep a food budget.

4. Schedule a time for pick up. Target doesn’t have set times, but many of the grocery stores do. Once you get there, you don’t even have to get out of the car. It’s so AWESOME.

If you haven’t tried, I encourage you to give it a try. Walmart and Target have a free pickup. My sources tell me the first 3 shopping trips at Walmart are Free with no fee. Head to the store website of your choice for more information.

Let me know what you think. Tag in your post of Instagram or Facebook if you give it a try..

Happy Shopping,

Keep Reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE,

Stephanie J

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