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What’s Your Morning Routine??

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

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I recently read an article, from my good friend at the Beautiful Brain Collective, that talked about the benefit of a Morning Routine.  

After Andrienne shared this article it made me think that it may help all of us t talk about daily routines. How to take them from chaotic to more controlled. Here are a few tips, about creating a Daily Routine, from the article, 7 Benefits of a Solid Daily Routine, by Carolyn Steber,

1. It will help you check more things off your To-Do-List.

2. Your Mental health will improve. Giving you more Peace of Mind.

3. There will be more time to Relax.

4. It’ll help you Break Bad Habit, by giving you the energy to create New ones

5. Procrastination will be a thing of the past, You will have more time giving you more control

6. You’ll get Really Good Sleep

Time is a commodity that you can never get back. You can always make more money, you can develop more peace of mind, but you can never get more time.  Using your time well starts with taking back your day.

My day looks like this:

* Wake at 5:00 am

* Workout 30 min.

* Get Breakfast prepared 20 min

* Take the dog out. 10 min.

* Get Dressed 30 min

* Leave for work..

**This is my consistent morning routine. It keeps me focused and energized for the day.

It's so important to start the moment of each day with the best peace of mind..

Start your Day early, Don't hit the snooze...

Get out of bed.. Stretch

Start your day with a good healthy Breakfast, NOT JUST COFFEE..

And speaking of more time, I’m so happy to share with all of you one of the time management tools that have helped me to put more Time, Money and Peace of Mind into my life.

Weekly Meal Prep has changed my LIFE. My family is so much happier during the weekdays because guess what? I’m HAPPIER…..

Isn't it only fair that you have the same opportunity to have more Time, Money and Peace of mind?

On October 28, 6 pm EST, I’m hosting a FREE Meal Prep WEBINAR!!  Meal prep has changed everything about how I use my time during the weekdays.

Are you ready for more Time, Money and Peace of mind??

Join me, this system has worked so well for me, I want EVERY woman to have this experience.

Keep Reaching for your

Sweetest life,

Stephanie J

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