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It's Time to Finish 2019 Strong

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Let’s talk about 2019! What intentions goals, resolutions and plans did you set for 2019? NOW Here comes the kicker,

How close are you to actually meeting these goals?

I am one of those people that sets goals. I’ve always loved the idea of setting plans for a New Year. I love the idea of a fresh new start.

The world puts so much emphasis on New Years resolutions and setting goals at the beginning of every new year. We forget we can do anything at anytime. We can set a new goal at anytime, even today. You can make a decision today to start something you have wanted to do. You can always begin again. And here's the real kicker, you're never too old or too young to start. You can be at the start of your adult life or seeing the end of your adult life.

Either way you can do something you’ve never done and experience something you’ve never seen. It’s all up to YOU. That’s the beauty of life, you get to choose the outcome, for the most part. There are life situations and experiences that hold you back from being the highest and best version of you.

I'm 52 and I see so much for my life. Getting caught up in ageism is a trap. We get trapped in the societal ideas of success as well as age. Just because the numbers are rising doesn't mean your opportunities are decreasing. Live your best life RIGHT NOW. No matter what your life of situation. Take steps that move you in the direction you want to see. Don't let other people determine that for YOU.

Go on sis your life is waiting for you.........

Choose today to live a life you don't want to escape from.

And Keep reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE..

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