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Excuses won't get you there!!!

Health and Fitness has always been a big part of my life.

From High School soccer, softball and cheerleading to Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks and Jillian Michaels. But at one point in my life after the birth of our 3rd son my body and motivation changed. I was tired and didn’t make time for fitness or health.

And, I saw it in my body. I used every excuse there was to avoid working out. Until my clothes didn’t fit anymore. Then it was time to get to work. Barriers are what stops us from doing the things that we really want to do in out lives. For many of us our own personal health and fitness fall by the way side. We take care of everyone in the family but us!!Here are 5 Barriers that keep us from living the life of health and fitness we were meant to live. Let's talk about 5 barriers Health and Fitness you may encounter on your fitness journey and how to move past them.

1. I have NO Energy - Believe it or not by adding exercise into your daily regimen, it will increase your energy. Take your time and build up, increase a little every week. Don’t start of with some crazy workout. Take it slow. When you eat healthier your body has the fuel to function at a higher level and exercise will build up your endurance.

2. I Don’t want to be all Muscular - Oh Girl, the chances of you become really muscular like a body builder are slim to none. They lift heavy and eat high amounts of protein. I was a body builder and when I trained to build size it was a calculated towards gaining muscle. Start training slow and light and keep a healthy lean diet.

3. I Don’t know What to do- There really is no excuse for not knowing. There are more resources than ever. With YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, So many. And even right here. Find a fitness plan that fits your level and your goals.

4. I Don’t have Time .-This is the ABSOLUTE biggest excuse ever. I challenge you to plot your time on a sheet of paper. Put all your hours of the day and see where you spend your time. Can you give up a little Netflix time or wake up a little earlier in the morning? If you want it make time. We make time for what we want in our  life.

5. I’m NOT an exercise person- I have a friend that used to say that, but she was more sick of being overweight and tired but, she decided that she wanted to be fit more than using the excuse. Now she’s addicted. There truly is a form of fitness for everyone.

There are so many excuses that you can use, but where will that leave you? Exactly where you are. Do you want to live life to it’s fullest?

Start today by taking care of your one single body..YOU only get ONE!!Keep Reaching for your Sweetest Life,

Grab your Free Health Tracker Here Keep Reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE,

Stephanie J

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