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There is no Room for Self Doubt this year

A walk down Self-Doubt lane nd a stroll through Self-Pity park, can become the foundation for disaster in your life… You know what they say, too much of a good thing may be too much.  The Theme for this week is, “ What are you leaving behind in 2018?”

One of the things I have left behind is self pity and self doubt. What is self-pity ? Self- Pity causes you to be self absorbed and leads to unhappiness within yourself. It steals your sense of joy and peace of mind. Self Pity lies to you about who you are and steals from who you can be.

Combined with your self pity is the real thief, self- doubt. Self doubt focuses on killing your confidence and at the same time stealing your abilities. Wow, what a Buzz kill Self Pity and Self Doubt can be.


If you are human at sometime you’ve been plagued by one or both. I know I have. In 2018 I made a commitment to myself to put these aside when I entered a new year last year. But, on the last day of 2018 my Self Doubt and Self-Pity were at an all time HIGH. I truly believe god sent us here with gifts. If we get distracted by what’s inside of us you, especially the negativity, it can truly steal your focus to achieve the goals you have for your life.

So, What can you do to keep the Self -Pity and Self- Doubt from stealing what God has intended for your life?  Here are 3 tips to take back your life, your confidence and your forward movement towards your goals.


1.Keep things around you that bring you joy. For instance, I have music and movies that can bring me out of a funky mood and lift up my confidence.

2. Have a go to Friend. Always have that friend that you can reach out to who can be honest and bring you out of the dumps.

3. Cry!! Yes it seems simple but sometimes a good cry can get all of the emotions out and leave you emotionally dry, and start new.

Laugh, Sometimes a good laugh just wipes out all the negative vibes.

Every emotional decision is a choice. You choose every day and every moment what you will let steal your happiness. Your Happiness and peace of mind are the key to your Self Confidence.

Guard your Self Confidence with everything within you to keep Because that Self Confidence is your Peace of Mind.


Keep Reaching for you SWEETEST LIFE,

Stephanie J

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