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Take Back your Weekday Evenings

When my children were growing up, we had two choices:1.) eat fast food; or,2.) not eat at all. Well, number 2 was never really an option, I definitely prefer to eat! And I also wanted my family to have healthy meals. But how do you go to work all day, pick the kids up from school, feed them, and make it healthy diet, take them to practice, while still managing to not lose your mind????

Here are the Top 5 Steps for organized  Family Meal Prep. And the first steps to taking back your weekday evenings.

1. Pull out and read through all the recipes you would like to prepare for the week.

2. Plan your shopping list prior to shopping. Don’t go into prep with random supplies.

3. Check your seasoning rack and keep frequently utilized seasonings well stocked.

4. Check the pantry and Freezer before heading to the store.

5. On meal preparation day, place all ingredients out, and group according to recipes.

Take Back you Weekday Evenings

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