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Parent, Cheerleader or Coach? What role do you play on the sideline??

Being a parent is tough. It truly is the biggest responsibility a person can take on. I don’t consider it a job, because you can quit a job. LOL! Encouraging your child through the tough times is one of the most challenging things that you will face as a parent. And if you haven’t gone through this with your own children yet, you will. When you see your child struggling through something they are trying to conquer, it is often more painful for you as the parent than for your child.

For over 20 yrs I’ve sat on sidelines, from Football to Gymnastics, and watched children give their all just to NOT see the outcome they had hoped to achieve. From losing the Little League Super Bowl, to placing low in the gymnastics meet. As a parent, it rips my heart out for every child that faces these challenges. But when it is your own baby that is faced with this pain, you hurt so badly. It’s incredibly difficult to explain to them that this too shall pass. Kids don’t understand this, they live in the moment, and everything is so finite for them. Seeing them struggle with these situations makes me question myself as a parent; am I pushing her too much? Am I giving him the right resources to succeed? Is this their dream, or mine?

As parents we live in a constant state of insecurity about our decisions with our kiddos. Let’s be honest, we all want our kids to have good sportsmanship, but we really secretly want them to learn it from the winners circle, rather than the bottom of the barrel. It’s so much easier to cheer on others when your kids are on top.

My life lesson from going through this, is that you never know what God will use this moment for in your child’s life. Even if they aren’t seeing the same successes as others, keep trusting that God is working something AMAZING through these lessons. Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; Proverbs 3:5

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