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So, What's Stopping You??

It’s been said a goal is a dream with a deadline. Other definitions of a goal,  the object of a person’s ambition or effort: an aim or desired result.

It’s great to have a goal,

or something that you are trying to do or achieve. I have always been very goal driven. I have spent a great portion of my life seeking and achieving goals. In the midst of all that goal achieving I lost a bit of myself. Goal achievement is great, but if you’re using those goals to cover up areas in your life that need healing,  goals achieving will never fill the void.

When I coach clients ultimately we are working to achieve a specific goal that we develop together.

But ,to achieve the life you really want to live you have remove the blocks and challenges that have stopped you from growing and kept you stuck in negative mindsets, self doubt and self destructive behaviors.

This Fixed Mindset as described by Carol Dweck in, Mindset The New Psychology of Success, Research has shown that people with Fixed Mindsets, believe they are born with a certain level of ability. The shy away from challenges that may expose weaknesses in their abilities, don’t respond to criticism well and are often resentful of other people's success.

You surely can never get to the level of success you want to see without some challenging of your ability and some criticism. It’s just not possible…..

So Clearly you have control over your success. No one else. But what to do now. Let’s  start with a few suggestions:

* It starts with you. The beauty is you truly get to choose when you take the first steps

*Creating an environment within that encourages growth. Keep positivity flowing through you.

*Begin the goal setting process by attending my upcoming Online Class, Overcoming the Fear of Starting”.  

In this class you will:

*Clarity, What a goal actually looks like

* Learn about SMART goals?

*How do I create SMART goals?

* Learn how you can over challenges to completing a goal?

* Learn how you can overcoming the fear of starting?

You're just one Click away!! JOIN the FREE Goal Class, Overcoming the Fear of Starting today.. Click here to join the FREE Class.

Keep Reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE

Stephanie J

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