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Ready to Overcome the Fear of Starting???

No time like the present it’s time to begin NOW. Who besides me has heard that or told yourself this?


I have been blessed enough to have accomplished many things in my life. Married 31 yrs, Mom of 4 for 32 yrs, Registered Nurse, Bachelors in Nursing, Masters in Nursing, Body Builder, and Business Owner. But, there are so many things that I could have done that I was afraid to do. I was afraid of what people would think and what they would say about me.

When I stepped on the Body Building stage I wasn’t confident at all. I was worried about my stretch marks. I was worried about what people would say about me. What would they think about me? Would they think I was disgusting?

I did it to push myself away from self doubt and insecurities.

But, it was just one step. I have found through life there are many steps to moving beyond the skeletons of our past, into the women we were always meant to be. It won’t be one experience, one quote or one conversation, it will be a lifetime of these that will develop the woman within.

It’s never too late to start becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be. No matter what your age, life position etc.. There is so much more to you.

Are you ready to bring it out? Reach your goals? And wake up with your life heading into the direction you’ve always wanted?


If you are, then It’s time to:

*Remove Barriers and Blocks that have held you back from you full potential

*Work together to develop a plan towards a goal

*Develop a long term plan for ongoing success towards that goal.

Setting and  Achieving goals is my thing..  Are you ready to achieve yours?

I’m bringing you the steps I have used through my life to keep myself moving forward. Are you READY to accomplish the things you’ve dreamed of for your life?? Let’s do it together.

Join me in March for a Free Class, titled Overcoming the fear of Starting, I’m sharing this with my Blog community first, so that you can be the first to claim your seats.

Click here to Claim your spot.. And keep your eyes on your email for date and times..

Super excited for this opportunity to share how the keys I have used to continually stay motivated start and accomplish goals in my life..

See you there..

Keep Reaching for your Sweetest Life,

Stephanie J

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