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Do you look around at your life and wonder, where did my time go? And how much of my life do I have left to live? Do you ever stop at the end of a day, or a week and say, WHAT ABOUT ME?

We all do... So I have come up with a few ways that you can steal a couple of moments for "You Time".

When you have a busy life, it’s about the quality and not the quantity of time you spend with yourself.

1. Polish your nails or give yourself a pedicure. This was a sneaky little trick I used once my kids were of school age. They knew that if my nails were wet, then I couldn’t do anything but sit. So fix a nice beverage, close the door and take your time letting those nails dry.

2. Grocery shopping. I know this may sound CRAZY, but when my kids were younger and I was going to the grocery, NO ONE wanted to go. Use this time to sneak away and have lunch with yourself, or a quiet moment for a cup of coffee. Once you have relaxed for a few minutes in your own company, you can get back to the business at hand, shopping.

3. Parks are not just for kids. On the way home from work, If you don’t have to pick up kids, stop at a park and sit back to catch your breath. Sometimes, just taking a moment to breathe, can make the transition from work to home so much easier.

4. Wireless earbuds are your friends. As long as it’s safe, and no kids are killing each other, Get yourself a pair of wireless earbuds and block out the world. Just make sure that the kids are going to be safe when you block them out.

5. Take a Bubble Bath. This can be trickier to find the time for, so you might find that once the kids have gone to bed, or while they’re at school is a good time. Close the door. Light some candles. And let the stress float away...

Take care of you,

Stephanie J

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