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Everyone has one!!

A  story that is, what is yours? Most of ours starts long before I even knew what potential in life could be. .There are so many things that have and can affect your story. What affects your story??

Your experiences

The people in your life.

The stories you tell yourself.

Your challenges.

And Your Triumphs

These are all part of your story

For me I really enjoyed being me until I found out around kindergarten that I was different. In my school me and my sister were the only African American kids in the school. But honestly I never noticed that.

My parents never talked about it. It wasn’t until other kids wouldn’t let me be part of the kingdom or let me be the princess that I began to notice. I remember on time throwing all the chairs off a table because they wouldn’t let me be princess.

(and I wasn’t an angry kid) I was frustrated and I didn’t understand

As parents we try to protect our kids. But information is POWER. My parents never really explained racism to me. I know it was there way of protecting me, but instead it started me on a road of low self worth and insecurity.


We don’t always get the opportunity to create our  own stories early in life. Often the adults around us create the dialogues that are carried deep into out adulthood. How I would continue to see myself years later was very much a reflection of the experiences I had as a child, although at the time I had no ideas they would.

Life can take so many directions so early, just based on our childhood experiences. I feel like at some level I always fought for my life. Even when my choices were less than stellar.

I felt something inside, as many of us do, that is bigger than your present situation.

When do you take steps in the direction you want your life to go??? There’s no better time than the present. You can start today to take back the life you were promised at birth. And It all starts with a decision to say yes to you.

Keep reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE,

Stephanie J

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