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Do You Like You?

Have you ever hated to look in the mirror? Have you ever made negative comments about yourself? I know I have..I was raised in the 80’s. There era of the beautiful light- skinned African American woman. The long hair and light skin was every mans dream. Or white women were every mans dream. But being a short, dark skinned girl with nappy hair was the least desirable female. I told myself for so many years that I was unattractive and the only thing attractive about me was from the neck down.

You may not have had this experience, but you may compare yourself to all the women you see on Social media. Who hasn’t done that??? It took me years to see my own beauty. I spent all those years selling myself short. I didn't see my own value. We can walk through life constantly comparing ourselves to all the people we see. I think TLC said it best, in their song Unpretty. “You can buy hair if it won’t grow, you can fix your nose if he says so, You can buy all the makeup that MAC can make, But, if you can’t look inside you, find out who I am too,, Be in a position to make you feel so Damn UNPRETTY.”


Basically these ladies are saying you can change everything on the outside, But you have to like inside and see what allows you to make yourself feel bad about, YOURSELF.

We have the power to change how we feel about ourselves. I finally realized the “Pretty” woman of the world will always be in the world. Those “perfect specimens” can’t stop you from loving the “perfectly made specimen”that you are. The words you speak determine how you see yourself. If you constantly compare yourself to others Highlight Reel, You’ll never know the value you carry.

Love the skin you’re in and appreciate the gifts you have. If you don’t no one else will.

Keep Reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE

Stephanie J

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