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Beat The Holiday, Don't Let it Beat YOU

December isn’t even here yet and already the stress is building. My daughter is sending gift request, the stores already are covered in tinsel and my money is already feeling depleted. HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE???

What is the best way to ruin this holiday season??  To submerge yourself in the DOING and not the BEING....

What is the DOING you ask? The Doing is making sure every one’s favorite dish is on the table, every perfect gift is purchased and every traditional holiday experience occurs.

The Doing is full of list and responsibilities. Expectations we place on ourselves. Does anyone know what I mean?

I’ve definitely been in this mindset. I’ve tortured myself with the overwhelming responsibility of buying the perfect gift, Cooking the perfect meal and wearing the Perfect outfit. etc….

The Being includes  planning during the season for the purpose planning, It’s NOT letting those activities take over and distract you from importance of the season.

So, What if you find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed already, ready to throw in the towel on the 2018 Holiday Season?? DO, during the Holiday. According to Psychology today, Failing to plan is Planning to fail….

1. Pamper yourself, Stop the expectations and get your nails done or do something that helps you feel relaxed. Take a deep breath and move forward.

2. Continue your normal maintenance care. Daily hygiene, Put on a little makeup, Healthy meals and physical fitness.

3. Be of Service. Spend your time caring for others. Give back this holiday season. When you give to others you think less about what’s happening in your own life.

So, if you find yourself ready to explode because and June brought a dish that ruined you perfect Thanksgiving table? Take a step back, take a breath and just enjoy the BEING.

I’m so excited to share with you so many amazing ways to finish 2018 strong.

Are you ready?? For more like this, join me in the weekly Email community here’s the link to hang with us.

Keep Reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE,

Stephanie J

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