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4 ways with Shrimp

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

Being raised by a southern mama there was always some seafood a few times a month in our house. It wasn’t usually cooked the “healthiest”. Here is the true nutritional value: 4 oz. of raw shrimp is 112 cal, nearly 24 grams of protein and 1.2 g of fat/only 0.3 is saturated. YES!!!

Here is a little week day trick I use. Sauté 2-4 pounds of shrimp,in a small amount of olive oil., just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Salt and pepper to season, this way you can use it multiple ways. Cook on medium heat.

The key to cooking shrimp is to turn them over as soon as they start to turn pink. They cook very quickly. Remove from the pan when completely pink.

They only take a 2-3 minutes Here are 4 ways I use the shrimp for week day meals.

Monday- Stir fry Broccoli, shredded carrots and whichever other veggies you like. Use your favorite Asian seasoning and toss in the shrimp

Tuesday- Shrimp Taco Tuesday!! Set up a taco bar with Soft Tortillas, salsa, Plain Greek yogurt or sour cream, cheese and guacamole!!

Wednesday-Greek Shrimp Wraps- Choose the wrap of your choice, I like the low carb brand Flatout. Spread some hummus, add chopped cucumber and tomatoes and the shrimp, and drizzle with olive oil. You can even add some Taziki sauce!!

Thursday- Shrimp topped Salads- We sometimes just grab the store bought prepared ones, or you can toss a salad at home, top with Shrimp and add your favorite low calorie dressing!!

There you go 4 ways with Shrimp, Healthy, quick and easy weekday meals!!Happy Shrimp eating! Stephanie J

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