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The Year of New Adventures

2020 is the Decade that I’ve dedicated myself to adventure. So, imagine how excited I was when the door opened to collaborate with Barcode Glam Studio. Shanequa the owner is one of the sweetest spirits I’ve ever met. She made the experience so seamless and enjoyable.

If you’ve never had your lashes done, I had an AWESOME experience, I'm so excited to share.

When I first walked in to Barcode Glam Studio there was a vibe of femininity. I’m still a little tomboy under the female exterior, I loved all the pink and girly feels.

The process is a very detailed and honestly I felt relaxed enough that I could have been on a therapist's couch instead of an eyelash studio.

The biggest challenge is lying with your eyes closed for around 90 minutes. I found out something about myself, I talk with my eyes. LOL!! It started off being a challenge for me to keep my eyes closed.

I had to really focus my mind on not opening my eyes. But, once I relaxed I went into what is called a, “Lash Nap”. Yes, there were a few snores coming out.

I received what is called a Hybrid Lash. It’s a more natural looking lash that looks like you were blessed with great lashes and you use an awesome mascara. I can’t tell you how many people asked me what mascara I was using. Of course, I had to let the cat out of the bag and share my secret. I’m so excited that my first new experience of 2020 was this lash experience. And the fact that my experience was so seamless and comfortable makes me look forward to seeking out Barcode Glam Studio for more of her services.

Check out the video above for more about my experience.

I encourage you to try something new this year. You never know what you like until you at least TRY. It's experiences and the people we meet in life that mold us into how we show up for our life Everyday!

I’d like to take a moment to Thank Shanequa for such a lovely experience. I love my beautiful lashes and I’ll definitely be going back for more.

As always Keep Reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE

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