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The only constant is Change and Change

How do you feel about transitions?? Are you flexible or do you fight with all your might to keep things the same. If there’s one thing that’s constant is change and change. Life is full of cycles. Over the last month We have become empty nesters and I decided to start my Hair Loc journey. To those of you who don’t know, starting Locs, Dreadlocks ( depending on what you wish to call them) it’s a journey. From my research it’s a year of challenges in self love and self acceptance. Why would I choose this journey at this time? My husband and I have been raising kids as long as we have been adults. We had our first son when I was 19 and he was 21, and we married at 20 and 22. This is literally the first time we have been alone since we were adults. I wanted the opportunity to put aside my physical focus and go into a deeper self exploration. As a mom for 34 yrs I spent that time deeply involved in my children’s lives. I took time for myself, but never before have I had the freedom to really focus on developing Stephanie J.

Every moment over the last 12 yrs, I’ve focused on becoming the very best version of myself. Have I been perfect?? No, but the key is progress over perfection. During the hair journey I know it won’t be perfect. Part of this journey is getting comfortable with not touching my hair and seeing myself imperfect while at the same time loving the woman within. That’s exactly why I chose this at this time in my life. The Loc journey is a time for really reaching within to develop the inside, while on the outside you slowly see changes in the progress towards your goal.

One of the other goals of this journey is to let go of your hair and let it do what it does.This parallels with letting go and letting God do what he does.

We want to hold on and control everything. But, often the real beauty happens when we let GO! God has a marvelous plan for out lives, if we only trust the PROCESS!!

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