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Slings and New Things

So it’s the second month of 2020 and this decade is revealing so much more than I could ever imagine. We’ve been hit from every angle and it’s only month 2. I’m not letting any of that stop my vision and goal to try something new!! This month I turned my life upside down with some straps hanging over a yoga mat!! Sounds crazy right, well it was. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about Aerial Yoga.

A new trend in yoga that challenges you to use strap hanging from the ceiling in conjunction with classic yoga moves.

So I chose an evening class on a Sunday. One of the rainiest Sunday’s of February. And once I entered the studio I soon found out I was the ONLY student that night. Which actually ended up being Perfect. Who wants to embarrass themselves in front of a group of experienced Yogites?? Not your girl.

The private lesson was well appreciated! I received lots of hands on assistance which I REALLY needed.

I was open for the new experience!! Did I ever think I would turn myself upside down held only by straps hanging from the ceiling?? Absolutely not. But once I got into it, Why Not?!

It definitely challenged me to use muscles I don’t normally use and all my core exercises came in handy.

If you don’t have a strong core it will condition your core. And challenge you to use every available muscle.

You use all those muscles and then some.

The highlight for me was the shoulder stand! (Pictured above)

But the absolute best part was the Shavasana. Being wrapped in the folds of fabric like a baby in a blanket I could have laid there forever. Now I know what swaddling feels like to a baby, warm,comfortable and peaceful.

Would I try this again? Absolutely, don’t be surprised you may see me hanging from straps in a community near you soon…

Now on to March and a new adventure.. Stay tuned!!

I challenge you to give it a try, Do It SCARED! But, Just do it....

Keep Reaching for your SWEETEST LIFE,


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