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Lose the Weight, before 2021

What’s your plan for 2021? Have you bought your planner?

I got mine from Michaels.

I love planning. Planning is the easy part, executing the plan and being consistent is the hard part.

Today I will talk about losing the weight of 2020? What weight do you need to lose to be able to move forward into 2021?

Journal prompt for a better new ye

  1. Spend some time tonight self evaluation. Write down what has been holding you back

  2. Take inventory of the struggles that had you bound in 2020

  3. What areas need some time management

  4. What is your morning routine? How can you better start each day to get the most out of it.

  5. What is your evening routine? How can you create an evening routine that allows you to start the morning smoother.

  6. When I think about last year I wish I had done more…

  7. When I think about last year I wish I would not have ….

Last I I’m really proud of myself for…..

It’s not a one and done. You have to evaluate over and over again.

Links you may want to check out:

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