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Is Normal really Normal?

Today I baked bread, something I have always wanted to do. Who would have thought that when we started this decade that we would be creating a normal that is less than what we expected. I recently listened to a sermon from Steven Furtick about normal. One thing he said that really stood out to me is that our best normal may not be behind us, but it may be ahead of us. That really gave me hope for the future. We have all been so focused on getting back to normal, I just realized we are missing the opportunity for a new normal.

Look at all you have gained from these abnormal times.

For me personally spending more time with my family, talking with my children, starting some projects I’ve always wanted to start and trying some recipes I never had time to try before.

I’m looking forward to using my time effectively and continuing more time at home. Not only does it save my peace of mind it also has saved money,

What will you take from these abnormal times? Think about creating a new normal and not just focusing on what you lost, but on what you’ve gained. In the beginning of this whole quarantine situation It was all about Netflix, Hulu and quarantine snacks.

Well that got old.

I have truly enjoyed the communities that have developed during this time. It’s been so cool watching musicians holding free concerts and battling it out on social media. For the first time in the history of Earth every country was experiencing the same medical concerns and social seclusion. I know it has been very challenging for so many of us, but it’s also been beautiful to see how so many have pulled together, shared resources and reached out to keep each other encouraged. I see so much beauty and love and alot less haters and people attacking each other. So many more online collaborations and new friendships developed. We’re all in this together, for the first time in history we are all in this TOGETHER.

I’m hoping when we bring some of that into the post Covid-19 quarantine world. The only way we can have our SWEETEST LIFE is to take everything we have that made quarantine beautiful and add it to create a life you really want to live.

Don't forget, Your Sweetest Life is really in your hands. Never Stop reaching for it.

Stephanie J.

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